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The cuisine of  Esteban Castro. Inspired by life in Southwest Detroit and the unwritten recipes of a Mother . 


      Esto's Garage all started back in 2002 on West Vernor in his studio apartment kitchen. Esteban Castro (The Cook) searched deep in his past to revive the flavors that his mother conjured up back in the late 80's Although she is no longer with us, you can enjoy her creations as he brings each delectable dish back with only the freshest locally-sourced ingredients. 

      This concept was revived in 2004 when Esteban hauled a grill around in his trunk for cooking events near the engine plant with his co-workers. Their enjoyment inspired the idea that this cuisine  must be shared with others. Then in 2011, Esteban joined with artist Kate Daugdrill to move a complete garage from Southwest Detroit to The Cranbrook Institute for her student exhibit. This led to a visit to a gallery in Chelsea New York where Esteban served his signature quesadillas while Kate served Faygo Red & Orange for the patrons who tasted his offerings.

      Many stayed longer than planned & subsequently canceled their dinner reservations once they were satisfied. That night, Esteban was repeatedly asked if he had a restaurant in Detroit?............. Will he have one??  That will depend on all of you who converge & enjoy his antics as he proceeds in preparing all which he knows & loves. "Keep em smiling & wondering what's next" That seems to be the approach.  



 Currently popping-up at Cafe D Mongo's Speakeasy every Friday & Saturday (See Hours below)


Thank you for visiting. I hope you will choose Esto's Garage for your next event. It will be my pleasure!



Esteban Castro







 (313) 269-5305


Location M-th

Catering on Demand 5-9 PM

Weekend Location

1439 Griswold Ave.

Detroit, MI 48226



Perpetual Pop-Up @:

Cafe D Mongo's (Capitol Park)

Friday         8 PM - 1 AM

Saturday    8 PM - 1 AM