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Ancho One   Doris Louise:     A mother's Journey lives on....

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Doris Louise:

A mother's Journey lives on....




It all started on West Vernor Ave. "The heart of Southwest Detroit".

My first apartment was empty & hollow but there was a huge Magic Chef stove jammed in the tiny kitchen!

   I just got called back to the engine plant after a layoff of 2002. There were plenty of new friends for the first time in my adult life. They were all hungry... So I cooked for them & we became a family.

   There is so much more that we build in those plants.... such as lifelong friendships. I thank all my great friends to this day for those early experiences & opportunities. 

   The Kitchen is at the heart of any home. It's warmth transfers from the food into the body & can carry one through a long day when prepared with intent. My simple objective: To bring the cuisine of my mother, the late & so very great Doris Louise.          

 It is offered to be enjoyed during special occasions as we celebrate together in (& Around) Detroit. Please enjoy consuming it as much as I enjoyed taking part in it's preparation....


Esteban Castro

The Cook / Driver/ Mechanic...



Mission Statement:

 A Picture is worth a thousand Words...








My challenge going forward it to maintain the level of enthusiasm about the journey. I also hope to evoke the same genuine emotions & excitement as I take this opportunity to share the food from the neighborhood of mothers that raised me & my friends. It may be long gone in the physical form but will never cease to maintain a lasting presence in my memory. This truck will bring that level of care & attention to you & yours every time... 

Thank You!